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Materials have meaning. 

Each stone, metal or object carries with it different energy. On a molecular level, each substance vibrates on its individual frequency, atomic physics tells us so. From a sentimental perspective, we cherish objects that represent special times in our lives. Artistically- we covet the beauty of how different materials complement each other.
Jewellery is self-expression, art, energy and love.
These are the materials I work with most often, and both the traditional and modern meanings and symbolism.


The metals I use predominately come from Australian mines and recycled sources, which have some of the highest environmental and work standards in the world. As I work with a range of metals and materials, I've developed some innovative techniques by recycling or combining the precious metals which tie your jewellery together.



Gold is quite literally the result of the stars colliding. It's formed when cataclysmic stellar explosions burst into the atmosphere and coiled into the earth's foundations. Every single gram of Gold that exists today existed billions of years ago. Unlike other precious metals, it will not rust, corrode, crumble or tarnish over time. Not to mention...Gold is really pretty because it appears to glow from within. It's no wonder gold metal remains a symbol for eternal love because when you wear gold jewellery, it's not of the earth but the stars. In my studio, I can melt down heirloom gold to create new jewellery pieces for my clients. I like to call this 'recycled gold' and I believe it retains its sentimental energy from the original wearers.

Different types of Gold available:

  • 9-Karat gold or 18-Karat gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Pink Gold/ Rose Gold

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This technique involves a high amount of heat and pressure and includes a much higher gold ratio than you will get from plating. It begins with a sterling silver base, bonded over with a luscious thick layer of 14-carat gold. Perfect for everyday wear.

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Sterling Silver is an alloy because on its own it's too soft to use in jewellery making. Sterling is a mixture of 92.5% silver and usually brass or copper. As a bonus for our friends with sensitive skin, Sterling Silver is hypoallergenic.

Not only is it timelessly elegant, but Sterling Silver lends itself to creative experimentation. Just as Gold is associated with the Sun, Silver is related to the Moon and subsequently is said to symbolise purity, clarity, and divine wisdom.

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It begins as Sterling Silver, and then I use a technique to create a blackened, antique-like finish. But it's not finished yet. As you wear your jewellery, that finish evolves into something unique to you through a charming wear-and-change process.

As time passes, your piece is a living record of how you move through life, how often you wear your piece and becomes a living work of art.
These pieces also can be refinished to revert to a darker look.

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As the name suggests, Bi-metal is a combination of two metals. 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver are bonded together which creates a layered effect with one side silver and the other gold.

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Brass is pretty malleable which means I can get creative with it and come up with some unique designs. The finish of both brass and copper changes over time and is susceptible to tarnishing, but it is straightforward to clean and maintain.

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I source my gemstones predominately from the 'fosickers'/miners and gem-cutters. This way I know the true origin and working conditions of the miners. This means working with family businesses, mostly in Australia, but also in the USA, India, and the rest of the world.


In medieval times the Opal was thought to gift the wearer invisibility. Makes sense because it's almost impossible not to become mesmerised by the Opal's internal fire that display's every colour on the spectrum. Opals are the October birthstone; how lucky for October babies to have this unique and enchanting stone. The Opal traditionally symbolises good luck, innocence, and purity and increases self-worth, confidence and self-esteem.

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Formed in igneous rocks when the magma cools down, the crystal quartz is prized for its healing properties and its mystical, spiritual powers. In ancient times, people believed quartz was eternal or fossilised ice sent by the gods. In antique jewellery, quartz spheres were traditionally known as Pools Of Light. It was believed that the light the sphere captured was a tiny spirit trapped inside.

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This unique gemstone is no garden variety pebble. Named for its predisposition to look "of the earth green", the Garden Quartz can assist in deep meditation. It is said to stimulate creativity and inner vision by bringing your most prosperous dreams to the forefront of your mind.

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Rose quartz is the classic love stone- a reputation well earned from Greek Mythology where it became the stone of reconciliation between Aphrodite and Adonis. With its delicate pink colour, it's no wonder this stone is known for its 'gentle love,' and for its ability to bring peace and calm to relationships. The Rose Quartz promotes arts appreciation and can open heart chakras to divinity within the universe. This stone is popular in jewellery for Valentine's day but also makes a great gift for someone you love or someone who needs love or healing. Rose Quartz can heal emotional wounds, and reduce negativity after conflict.

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Rutile quartz, aka Angel's Hair Crystal, has ethereal threads of rutile, a mineral composed mainly of titanium dioxide. It is linked to higher powers, intuition, and increased intention and illumination. For these reasons, Rutile Quartz can intensify powers in other quartz crystals.

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Smoky quartz offers grounding energy and clears negativity (including negative thinking) by channelling it through the Earth for cleansing. A stone of practical matters, Smoky Quartz can be used for protection, to ward off stress and encourage resolution. Many use this stone for healing and meditation as it is known to protect your spiritual and physical energy.

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This gem is known as the "firestone" due to its vibrant crystalline structure and appearance. It is said to have mystical, magical properties, which is unsurprising given its striking, luminescent appearance. The Labradorite stone is notable for its distinctive multicolour streaks within its dark base colour.

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Known as fools gold, but don't let that fool you. Pyrite takes its name from the Greek word "pyr" meaning fire. It's found worldwide and has traditionally been used to ignite tinder by striking the Pyrite with flint. The Pyrite is a protection stone that is said to ward against negative energies.

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Virtually identical to naturally occurring Opals, the lab-created Opal has the same chemical composition, internal structure and appearance. Unlike naturally occurring Opals, the lab-created Opal requires no mining so can be considered a more environmentally-friendly option. They are less expensive and incredibly durable so are great for everyday wear.

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A uniquely Tasmanian variety of the revered gemstone Nephrite Jade, Tasmanian Jade is found on the West Coast of Tasmania. I source this stone from Lunaris Gemstones, local Tasmanian fossickers and gemologists, who aptly named this stone Buttongrass Jade - inspired by the Buttongrass Plains and beautiful landscape in which the stone is formed. Jade said to enhance maturity in relationships and is a symbol of longevity and wisdom. 

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In ancient Hindu mythology, Moonstone was thought to have been formed by solidified moonbeams. It is thought to represent mystery, profound truth, romance and good fortune.

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The butterfly has long been a sacred symbol of the soul. The transformation that these species go through makes them the perfect token of resurrection, rebirth and reinvention. All butterfly wings I work with are ethically sourced and I regularly donate a portion of my profits to The Rainforest Trust, an organisation dedicated to preserving tropical forests and endangered wildlife.

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Feathers are revered in many cultures and their meaning, always impactful, can vary greatly. Feathers can symbolise travel - physical, metaphysical or spiritual. Often people believe when they see feathers on their path, that it's a message from someone who has crossed over. Interconnected with feathers are the birds who wear them. Birds represent freedom and inspiration.

These are some other common associations with birds and feathers in jewellery; Honesty, Spirit, Freedom, Beyond, Fertility, Lightness, Messages, Ascension.

Peacock Feathers This proud, confident, gorgeous bird is also a symbol of integrity and the desire to show off our true colours. In mythology, the peacock carries important messages of grace, nobility, protection and often acts as a guide. When you are seeking vibrance and vitality in your life, a peacock feather could be the talisman you need to help you walk your new path with techno-clour confidence.  

Pheasant The bold, eye-catching male pheasant feathers represent sexuality, influence, magnetism and magic. The most likely reason people hold this belief about pheasant feathers is that male pheasants are irresistible to their female counterparts. So much so that they often court up to three females at a time, ensuring their reproductive legacy. Want a stronger libido, to feel irresistible and the ability to attract desired attention? These feathers might be your go-to, just as good as a love spell.  

Guinea Fowl For sensitive souls who need to set healthier boundaries, the guinea fowl feather represents just that and more. If you need to politely let people in your life know to treat you better or give you space, this feather will work like a charm. They even say, sighting this animal in the wild is a reminder to care for your spirit.

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Nature reminds us that there is no end to its creative variety. I love encasing your found objects, lucky charms or vintage pieces you've collected in precious metals so they can be worn and kept close as your own personal talisman. .

Please contact me to chat about your custom project.


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