This collection draws inspiration from the living jewelled kingdom. It incorporates butterfly wings, set in recycled sterling silver, recycled Perspex and glass. No precious stone can claim the same impermanence and fragility of being, but through encasing the butterflies in these settings, the beauty of life once lived continues on.
This collection of jewellery is made using real butterfly wings.
I set the wings in recycled solid sterling silver behind glass and Perspex.
Every single piece of jewellery is handmade by me from start to finish, making each piece unique.
I source the butterflies from reputable butterfly sanctuaries, which work to conserve butterfly species and their natural habitats.
No butterflies I use are taken from the wild.
From sales made from this collection I donate to the Rainforest Trust, an incredible organisation that protects threatened tropical forests and endangered wildlife by partnering with local and community organisations in and around the areas that are being threatened. After they purchase acres of endangered land, they empower local people to help protect it by offering them education, training and employment.
Your piece of butterfly jewellery directly contributes to this cause.
Please visit www.rainforesttrust.org to learn more.
How to care for your butterfly jewellery...
If cared for correctly Butterfly wings in jewellery will last many generations, you can still find today antique jewellery over a hundred years old with perfectly preserved wings.
Although I take every caution to water-proof the jewellery, sometimes moisture or water can still sneak in!
I highly recommend not wearing your jewellery while showering, swimming, dishwashing, working out etc.
If an accident does happen, try leaving your jewellery in an airtight container of rice over night to draw any moisture out!
The glass and Perspex can scratch if rubbed/dropped/banged on abrasive surfaces. Please take care around any rough and tough surfaces.
To ensure the safe keeping of your jewellery, please store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
Excessive heat can also damage your jewellery, so the glove box or oven is a bad place for storage.